Olympic Soccer

PSX PlayStation Olympic Soccer 1 Ring Hub

Jewel Case Release – 1 Ring Hub


Genre: Soccer CDs: 1
Publisher: Eidos Released: July 1, 1996
Developer: US Gold UPC: 7 43175 95271 1
Sony ID: SLUS-00156 PSRM: 001540
Players: 1 to 4 Players Memory: 2 Blocks
Accessories: Multi-Tap
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Welcome to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, where you’ll suit up against the world’s top international teams in an attempt to grab ahold of the gold. The crowd roars as your team hits the field and all eyes turn towards you as you drive towards the goal. Today, the glory of the Olympic Soccer gold lies within your reach!

  • Loaded with special moves: bicycle kicks, diving headers, multiple fakes, banana kicks, and more!
  • You control game conditions: 6 stadium choices, 5 field types, 5 different weather types.
  • 3 modes of play: Exhibition, Arcade and Olympic Tournament!
  • 32 International Teams!
  • Fully polygon based graphics and characters!



The game was also published with a 2-ring hub.

PlayStation Olympic Soccer

Jewel Case Release – 2 Ring Hub





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