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PSX PlayStation Dino Crisis 2 Demo CD

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Pre-September 2000
Sony ID:
1 Player
Analog, Vibration
Mature – Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence
Box Copy:

One year has passed since Regina’s fight for survival against prehistoric dinosaurs and the capture of the rogue Dr. Kirk. Third Energy research continued recklessly. Another “accident” was imminent. Suddenly, an entire town devoted to Third Energy research mysteriously vanished. Now, a search and rescue mission to recover survivors, uncover the mystery and locate the missing research data begins. Armed with the latest in heavy artillery, only Regina is prepared for the adrenaline-pumping prehistoric challenge the team will soon encounter…Pure Terror!





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This contains a demo for Dino Crisis 2.

The demo starts with a Japanese splash screen, and then resumes to normal with the title screen and FMV opening. We’re introduced to a quick cut of new character Dylan and ‘Cowboy’. Interesting to note that the FMV is very edited – they removed half the intro – more than likely to avoid spoilers. Once the game begins, it’s essentially the opening dialogue and intro scene, and then you take control of Regina (Interesting to note that in the full game you start by taking control of Dylan).

You control Regina through 4 to 6 sections that leads up to a boss fight near the first warehouse area. You get attacked by several smaller dinosaurs, get a feeling for the new combo system, and the Extinction Point service. Once the boss fight is over, you simply walk off and the end screen pops up.

It’s a fairly short demo, with maybe 7 minutes of gameplay tops, and about 15 to 20 minutes max if you include all the FMV footage and load times. Overall, a nonchalant demo.

Another item gets crossed off the Need List!






Dino Crisis 2 Demo CD was the first ever subject matter for GameRaveTV, and originally finding the demo was a huge inspiration to finally start a YouTube channel for the site.



  • The final screen, the green one that thanks you for playing, has a wall of text on it. While the copy running up and down the sides is just Copyright and Developer Info, the huge block at the bottom is fairly oddball. Here’s the full Transcript of it (Note: ALL TYPOS in the following paragraph are verbatim)…One year had passed since the acddent at Iris Island..I don’t know what o say but history repeats its self…
    Regina now travel back in time to save the victims of the THIRD ENERGY experiment. This time she gotta new partner young soldier named Diran and David “Cowboy”. But you all know that the way hunt many and lots of troubble comes up again and [???]. Lots of danger lots of dinosaurs and lots of guns.I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview and [???] [???] meet you again soon.



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