Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI: Awakening of the Dragon

PlayStation Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI: Awakening of the Dragon

Double Jewel Case Release with Map


Genre: Strategy CDs: 1
Publisher: Koei Released: April 13, 2000
Developer: Koei UPC: 0 40198 00107 6
Sony ID: SLUS-00918 PSRM: 015680
Players: 1 to 8 Players Memory: 7 Blocks
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Build, manage, and control an ancient Chinese fiefdom while interacting with and directing the actions of characters from the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms epic.Your goal – to unify the charred remains of this fragmented, war-torn land into a single empire stretching across the continent! Awaken the dragon within!

  • New & improved battle units including Northern Riders & the naval units of Wu.
  • Redesigned battle system & new Plot system allowing for more tactical latitude.
  • New duel based strategies for more control of the action
  • Over 500 different characters and 100 historical event sequences
  • New Chronological Records system comparing player progress to historical events
  • New personal goal / ambition parameter and defensive traps
  • 7 new short scenarios & 7 full-length campaigns
  • 1 – 8 Player excitement



Included in the case was a double sided poster. One side is a map of the world, and the other is a list character classes in the game.


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