Deception III: Dark Delusion

PlaySTation Deception III: Dark Delusion

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Genre: Strategy CDs: 1
Publisher: Tecmo Released: March 1, 2000
Developer: Tecmo UPC: 0 18946 01013 7
Sony ID: SLUS-01067 PSRM: 071380
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Mature Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Box Copy:

“…Deception III is guaranteed a spot in the Top Ten Games of the Year…and we’re just getting started.” – GameFan Magazine March 2000

“We’ve admired this series for years. It’s clever and undeniably fun…” – GameWeek 1/30/00

“Dark Delusion looks to be the best of the series with improvements in both graphics and weapons.” 2/1/00

Taken against her will to Alendar Kingdom, Layna who becomes your challenge is now under the control of the evil King Frederick. As her life wears thin, it becomes your sole mission to ensure Layna saves herself as King Frederick’s mysterious organization attempts to bring Layna to her final doom. Through preparation of  strategic trap setting you begin to plot and devise various techniques to destroy those who hold you captive. With over 2,000 trap variations it is up to you to chose the best combinations to assist you in conquering your enemy. Because there are multiple endings, Layna’s final fate may become your worst nightmare or ultimate fantasy. The choice is yours. The options are endless.

  • Over 2,000 trap variations
  • New and improved trap element system allows more freedom for players to develop traps.
  • Advanced 3D Polygon Graphics with Third Person Perspective.
  • Four modes of play are offered including “Scenario Mode”, “Trap License Mode”, “Free Training Mode”, and the “Expert Mode”.
  • Multiple Endings!



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