Crusaders of Might and Magic

PlayStation Crusaders of Might and Magic

Jewel Case Release


Genre: Action CDs: 1
Publisher: 3DO Company Released: January 11, 2000
Developer: 3DO Company UPC: 7 90561 50461 0
Sony ID: SLUS-00799 PSRM: 013630
Players: 1 Player Memory: 2 Blocks
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Teen Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Play it with a vengeance.

Get ready for the ultimate battle of good and evil in the incredible 3D fantasy-action world of Ardon. As Drake, a lone mercenary toughened by years of hardship, you’re swept up into the midst of a Crusade. Your only mission is to rid the land of the same vile evil that annihilated your family.

Them and only then, will you have your revenge!

  • Live the fantasy of a hardened hero seeking justice
  • Sizzling high-resolution graphics and dazzling lighting effects
  • Go to battle armed with a variety of wicked weapons & explosive spells
  • Slay your enemies through scores of grueling quests
  • Destroy dozens of foul menacing monsters
  • Conquer 5 menacing worlds, with 25 levels in all



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  • When The 3DO company finally went bankrupt in 2003, UbiSoft purchased the licensing rights to Might and Magic.

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