Silhouette Mirage

PlayStation Silhouette Mirage

Jewel Case Release – Variant B


Genre: Action CDs: 1
Publisher: Working Designs Released: January 5, 2000
Developer: Treasure UPC: 7 35366 00728 7
Sony ID: SLUS-00728 PSRM: 015992
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone Mild Animated Violence, Mild Language
Box Copy:

In an apocalyptic future, the Edo computer has gone berserk, dividing the world’s inhabitants into two mutant classes. Silhouette and Mirage. Now, the watch guard computer safety system has sent forth the Messenger of Justice to travel to Edo and repair the damage before the world is lost forever. As the Messenger, Shyna Nera Shyna, blast, beat, and bash your way through seven wild and bizarre stages using friendly parasite weapons to aid your advance against wacky enemies, huge fully-animated bosses, and devilishly difficult obstacles.

Providing the utmost in playability and replayability, the game wizards at Treasure, the brilliant minds behinds such international hits as Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, Mischief Makers, and Guardian Heroes have come up with another sure-fire classic that pushes the 2-D capabilities of your PlayStation game console to its limit, and come up with a hit!



Silhouette Mirage joins Alundra in having an “incomplete” variant set. Only two known variants exist – B and C. By all rights, there should be a Plain and A version. Working Design’s founder Victor Ireland explained with Alundra that Sony could fail submissions for any reason, so it’s more then likely that the two missing variants were never sent to press.

PlayStation Silhouette Mirage

Variant C

You can view all the working design variants here.



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