Fighting Force

PlayStation Fighting Force

Jewel Case Release


Genre: Fighting CDs: 1
Publisher: Eidos Interactive Released: November 4, 1997
Developer: Core Design UPC: 7 88687 30103 9
Sony ID: SLUS-00433 PSRM: 008570
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: None
Accessories: None
ESRB: Teen Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Take It Outside!

Fighting Force delivers unparalleled action and tons of attack moves in a fully progressive 3D environment. Smash through an anti-tank barricade, pick up a rocket launcher and torch incoming enemies or knock over a vending machine or fuel tanker to find hidden weapons!


  • Choose from two male or two female characters, each with different skills and strengths.
  • Play alone or in co-op mode to defeat your enemies.
  • Dozens of moves per character.
  • Seven action packed levels in 22 different stages
  • Pick up weapons like rocket launchers, shotguns, pipes, guns, grenades and more!



The first variant release adds Core’s logo to the front of the manual. No other changes.

PlayStation Fighting Force

“With Core Logo” Variant

The next variant adds in the Tomb Raider III demo and a yellow burst on the cover calling it out. The back insert calls it out as well. Disc art is the same.

PlayStation Fighting Force

Tomb Raider III Demo Version

The first Greatest Hits release for Fighting Force carries over the previous variant’s artwork with the usual GH additions.

PlayStation Fighting Force

Greatest Hits “Tomb Raider III” Demo version

The 2nd Greatest Hits release screws up the number of players (it now says 1 player) and the disc art reduces the amount of copyright text. You can spot this disc loose by the single word “Design” as the last line of the copyright text. It also adds more demos to the mix.The disc looks black, but if you tilt it to the light, the artwork appears more extremely dark gray.

PlayStation Fighting Force

3 Demos Variant Release

The final known Greatest Hits variant removes all the demo text, and the disc art looks to be a richer black. GH Is added but only to the manual because of course it is.

PlayStation Fighting Force

Plain Greatest Hits cover

Finally, it was released in the Eidos Collector’s Edition 3-Pack with Blood Omen and Soul Reaver.

PlayStation Fighting Force

Collector’s Edition Release



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  • This started out as Streets of Rage 4 for the Sega Saturn. but Sega balked at a 3D version.
  • The sequel removes 3 of the 4 characters and turns it into an action game rather then a fighting game.

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