Nov. 15, 1999 New Releases: Dukes of Hazzard, 40 Winks, Thrasher

November 1999 continues to be a steam roller of a month, with three games coming into stores today before hailstorm tomorrow. December’s looking pretty crazy as well. I mean, you’d think there was another PlayStation system coming out or something.

Today’s titles include Thrasher: Skate and Destroy, a skateboarding game from Rockstar Games, thee who made Grand Theft Auto.

PlayStation Thrasher Skate and Destroy

Jewel Case Release

Next up is Eurocom’s addition to GT Interactive’s library, 40 Winks. A fairly adorable adventure game starring two kids named Ruff and Tumble. No, I’m not making that up.

PlayStation 40 Winks

Jewel Case Release

…and finally the Duke boys! Childhood favorite and second only to Knight Rider when it came to cool cars, The Dukes of Hazzard comes to PlayStation. Sloppy controls and the ability to sound the General Lee are all included.

PlayStation Dukes of Hazzard: Racing For Home, The

Jewel Case Release

Tomorrow is going to hurt…

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