Aug. 17th New Releases: Lammy, Blitz, and a Soul Reaver

Darn good day for PlayStation game releases, folks. Let’s jump right into it.

For those of you who love Parappa the Rapper, Sony’s tackling the rock and heavy metal side of things with UmJammer Lammy. Jam out and get the little lass to her big gig alongside her bandmates in MilkCan.

PlayStation Unjammer Lammy

Jewel Case Release

If music ain’t your thing, but you still like the sound of things being crushed, then head out of the store with NFL Blitz 2000. A port of the arcade phenom, the home version brings home all the hyper-fast passing and blitzing that the arcade machine did, now with less quarters.

PlayStation NFL Blitz 2000

Jewel Case Release

And finally, for those of you craving a huge world to jump and fly around in, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is your bread and butter. A technical marvel (most loading screens are hidden) and a gorgeous different view of the world Blood Omen built, this one is absolutely fantastic, especially in the voice acting and narration.

PlayStation Legacy of Kain Soul Revear

Jewel Case Release – Teen Original Print

See you in two days!

This article is part of the Living History Project Celebration, which is living the PlayStation’s library release schedule in real time. Started during the 20th Anniversary on 9-9-2015, the project will last all the way till 2024! Follow us on Twitter for all the updates and additions!

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