Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

PSX PlayStation Wing Commander IV The Price of Freedom Double Jewel Case Black Label Retail Release

Double Jewel Case Release with Insert


Flight Simulator
May 14, 1997
Lion Entertainment / Origin
0 17814 10103 8
Sony ID:
SLUS-00270, 00271, 00272, 00273, 
003510, 003520 ,003530, 003540
1 Player
1 Block
Analog Joystick
Teen Realistic Violence, Strong Language
Box Copy:

Take Off…Take Aim…Take’em Out.

Now that the bloody battle between the Kilrathi and Terrans has been concluded, the Confederation doesn’t have to look very far for its next adversary.

You – as the Colonel – will be personally vaporizing the bad guys. ORIGIN has woven guts-and-glory front line fighting with a star-studded cinematic plotline. It will take a quick mind and quicker reflexes to save the Confederation from its most insidious enemy to date.

  • 3 flight modes for both novice and advanced players
  • Virtual physics with an ultra-realistic “feel” to flying
  • Sony dual analog and digital joystick support
  • Choose your own destiny – compassionate hero or merciless avenger?
  • 5 different control layouts
  • Complexly woven story featuring old friends and new comrades
  • Top quality movies with Dolby Surround Sound
  • Stunning sci-fi special effects
  • Ensemble cast of favorites, including Col. Blair, Maniac, Paladin and Tolwyn





Besides the two manuals, WCIV also includes a quick reference card like it’s previous incarnation. The two-sided card is for the astronomical amount of things you can do with the controller.



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  • One of the characters, “Maniac” also uses the call sign “Joker”. Years later, Mark Hamill would go on to voice the DC Comics Joker character in the Batman: The Animated Series.
  • As dumb as it sounds, thanks to 4 CDs, two manuals, the tip card and the ad inserts, Wing Commander IV is one of the ‘heaviest’ games you can own on the PlayStation outside of the Working Design box sets. This thing has some heft to it!




  • Mission Select
    At the Wing Commander copyright screen, press Up, Down, Down, Up, R2. A new screen will appear with a Level number.. Press R1 or R2 to select a level. The game will prompt you if you need to swap in a later CD.


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