WarGames: Defcon 1

Jewel Case Release

Genre: Strategy CDs: 1
Publisher: MGM Interactive Released: July 23, 1998
Developer: Blitz Games / Interactive Studios UPC: 6 51021 10126 1
Sony ID: SLUS-00599 PSRM: 009150
Players: 1 or 2 Players Memory: None
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

20 years ago, the WOPR, the deadly military supercomputer, nearly ignited the cold war. Now it’s back with a new mission: exterminate humanity. Take control of NORAD’s conventional forces as you plunge into battle against the WOPR’s mechanical troops. The world’s future is in your hands. It’s not a game anymore.

  • THE FIERCEST 2-PLAYER ACTION: 3 modes including death match and cooperative
  • AN IMMENSE ARSENAL OF DESTRUCTION: 30 ground, sea and air attack units.  Command up to 8 units at once.
  • THE ULTIMATE IN REALISTIC 3-D BATTLES: Real-time 3D weather affects your troops’ mobility.  A fluid camera perspective puts you on the front lines.
  • PREVENT GLOBAL DESTRUCTION: 30 Campaign-base missions.  Command NORAD’s conventional troops or the WOPR’s futuristic forces





PSX WarGames Defcon 1

Phone Card Variant

Phone Card Variant – Included a Prepaid Card for 5 Minutes of Tip Time.



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The Phone Card variant includes not just the pre-paid phone card, but a coupon for Brach’s Fruit Snacks. The context for the coupon is missing, since no candies were featured in the movie. Note the irony of the Donkey Kong Snacks being featured.


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  • Loosely based as a sequel to the film WarGames.
  • The Phone Card variant included a Brach’s Fruit Snacks retail coupon for the grocery store. One of the featured snacks is Donkey Kong, meaning that there is Nintendo marketing inside a PlayStation game.



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