Burning Road Sampler CD

PSX Demo Burning Road Sampler CD

Retail Demo Sleeve


Genre: Demo CDs: 1
Publisher: Playmates Interactive Released: Pre-February 1995
Developer: Funsoft UPC: None
Sony ID: SLUS-90002 PSRM: 005550
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Box Copy:

This ain’t no Test Drive! Drive customized muscle cars or power-mad monster trucks in an action-packed race for the checkered flag!

Look for the full version of Burning Road in stores this November!

Coming Soon from PIE – other great PlayStation titles: Powerslave, VMX Racing.

And oh yeah…when you’re finished playing this demo, pass it onto a friend, and tun them onto one of the hottest racing games out there!



  • There are no known variants.




  • There are no known misprints.



Includes a playable demo of the retail released game Burning Road and an instruction sheet. Distributed with Next Generation Magazine.




  • The Demo comes with a poster of the games control set-ups and other information. It is folded into 4ths and tucked into the sleeve.




  • There are no screenshots for this game yet.



  • There are currently no videos for this game.



  • Included as a freebie with Next Generation Magazine #2, hence the ‘Bundle Version’ copy all over it.
  • The Demo Sleeve has the wrong SLUS Number, which is actually the full retail game’s ID. The Demo Disc itself as well as it’s internal file have the correct SLUS-90002.


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