Burning Road

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Genre: Racing CDs: 1
Publisher: PlayMates Interactive Released: November 12, 1996
Developer: Toka / Funsoft UPC: 7 96298 06584 4
Sony ID: SLUS-00324 PSRM: 003880
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: 5 Blocks
Accessories: Analog Joystick, Link Cable
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:


Get behind the wheel in this rugged action-packed car and truck racing game.  Choose from three specially modified custom muscle cars or a monster truck and tear down the road as you make your way to the checkered flag.  Not content with ordinary racing?  Burning Road allows you to ram opponents off the road or into embankments as a viable strategy!  Vehicles that sustain damage during a race remain damaged until the race is over.  Choose the strategy that best fits your vehicle and driving style and go for it – get the best time for the overall race and you’ll win the championship!

  • Each vehicle has its own special characteristics, handling and top speed specifications!
  • Direct the camera’s point of view – choose from first person, front seat, and three different distances behind the car.
  • Select from three totally unique and separate tracks; Practice and Championship Modes; and three difficulty levels.
  • Choose either automatic or manual transmissions.
  • Special REPLAY MODE allows you to review the ENTIRE race, not just highlights!
  • Race against 7 other vehicles in rain, snow, or at night.
  • Multi-player capability: Two players can compete via link-up!





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  • The game’s back copy headline of “This ain’t no Test Drive!” was more than likely taking a friendly stab at the long running Test Drive series. TD focuses more on the simulation style racing where BR is more arcade.
  • Plays and looks A LOT like Sega’s long running Daytona USA series.



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