Hooters Road Trip

PSX PlayStation Hooters Road Trip Black Label Retail Release

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March 27, 2002
Hoplite Research
0 08888 31039 6
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1 Player
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Teen  Suggestive Themes
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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Gas up and buckle in for some good ol’ full-throttle action as you bust out on a white-knuckle rally race across Hooters USA for the ultimate prize: a chance to kick back with the fun-lovin’ Hooters Girls of Hooters USA!

  • Hooters Girls: Take first place for your chance to hang out with gorgeous Hooters girls!
  • Hard Cross-Country Drivin’: Muscle your way to the checkered flag as you burn up the asphalt speedways from Florida to sunny California.
  • Garage Full of Smokin’ Rods: 16 cars to choose from, including 7 bonus cars to keep pace as the race heats up.
  • Total Control Radio: Blast some tunes from Hooters rockin’ presets.





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The full video review of Hooters Road Trip.




  • Despite the obvious production values in the video segments, there are some actual nice little touches to be found. Each Hooters girl is wearing the proper shirt for the location they are greeting you from, and the beach girls sequences change based on your final race outcome.
  • Programming assistance was provided by Miracle-Designs, the folks behind other PlayStation budget titles like Miracle Space Race and  ATV Racers.
  • The semi truck features the infamous “Mud Flap Girl” design on it’s rear mud flaps, helping add to the eye rolling in the game.
  • You can actually unlock the semi as a playable vehicle, the joke here being it is so large that in 3rd person view you can not see the road in front of you.
  • Be careful of the difficulty settings – they are tied to your save profile. Changing the difficulty erases all your progress in car unlocks and test drives.
  • Despite their attempts to make it feel like each waitress is in a different Hooters by changing where they filmed each woman, one of the congratulations clips reveals they are all in the same spot.
  • The results screen and back of the box use screenshots from a different version of the game. Visually the HUD is completely wrong and some of the visuals are slightly different.
  • None of the waitresses / models / actresses are given credit in the manual.
  • Rain will actually change direction with you, another nice little touch.
  • Thunder is the fastest car in the game with the best controls to match – once you have it, you can ace the game.
  • If you let the game go into demo mode from the title screen, you’ll actually see the CPU controlled car bump into the NPC cars, and if you’re lucky, see a traffic jam happen where none of the CPU cars know what to do, so they all just start going in reverse.
  • By placing first 1st in every race across every circuit, you can finish the entire game in less then 2 hours.
  • The taxi’s rooftop ad board is Hoplite Research’s logo.
  • Recording of the Hooters girls was done without a microphone / boom mic, so their lines sound far away.
  • Every car you see on the road are the exact cars you unlock, meaning it’s one of the few racing games where your full garage really is 100% of the game.
  • A funny little observation of how compressed video game travel time is. The final Road Trip stretching from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Santa Monica, California, takes 15 minutes. In real life, it would take 39 hours!
  • Finishing the game 1st in every race on Medium Difficulty will unlock all but 2 cars. More than likely the other two are trapped behind perfecting Hard and Pro Difficulty.


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