Beyblade Jewel Case Release

Beyblade Jewel Case Release


Genre: One on One Fighting CDs: 1
Publisher: Crave Entertainment Released: December 5, 2002
Developer: Takara UPC: 6 50008 19921 5
Sony ID: SLUS-1489 PSRM: 024740
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone – No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Let it rip! Customize your Beyblade and battle against The Bladebreakers

  • Battle against skilled rivals: The world’s leading team, The Bladebreakers: Tyson, Kai, Max, and Ray, are your competitors!
  • Customize for more power!:  Check out the new blade types. Customize your Beyblade with various parts to increase its power!
  • Feel the excitement of the battle!:  The virtual battlefield will certainly give you a realistic experience!
  • Hear D.J. Jazzman!:  Feel the excitement of the Beyblade tournament as D.J. Jazzman emcees the battle.
  • Invoke a special attack with legendary power!:  Activate the “Bit beast” with power! Defeat opponents with your “Special Attack”!
  • Battle against your friends!: Challenge your friends to a battle in the Beyblade Arena.



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  • While America only got the first release, Japan saw a sequel that came with an exclusive real life golden beyblade piece for early adopters.
  • The exact same two selectable players in the first Beyblade are used in the Japanese exclusive sequel, which doesn’t help the case of lazy development.
  • To purchase at least 1 of every available blade piece would run you 4,105 in-game currency. The average winnings per match are 10 currency pieces.
  • D.J. Jazzman’s name may be ab allusion to Will Smith’s original music partner D.J. Jazzy Jeff.
  • Game Tip: Never ever use the repair function between rounds. It costs way too much money and actually lowers some of the blade’s stats – for 15 points of health.
  • The game specifically tells you you can’t name your Beyblade ‘Unregistered’ – the default name of an unused blade slot.
  • Game Tip: Don’t be too trigger happy on controlling the beyblade. Many rounds can actually be won from doing nothing as the opponent accidentally sends their blade over the edge.
  • The catch phrase was changed for America. While here it’s “Let it rip!”, in Japan it was “Go, shoot!”

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