PSX PlayStation Cyberia Plastic Ridged Long Box

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release – Typo Edition


Full Motion Video
February 1st, 1996
Xatrix Entertainment
0 40421 89084 2
Sony ID:
1 Player
5 Blocks
Analog Joystick
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

In a future where global terrorists rule and mankind lives on the brink of destruction, the ultimate doomsday device has just been discovered. Code-named Cyberia, it was designed in an era of long forgotten peace by the most brilliant minds in nano and cybernetic technology.

In the year 2027, it stands as the instrument of humanity’s destruction.

  • An epic experience over 2 years in the making.
  • 11 incredible action sequences more intense and realistic than anything ever seen.
  • Character interaction and puzzle-solving in one of the most detailed and visually stunning gaming environments ever created.
  • Music and sound effects by Thomas Dolby’s Headspace.
  • Full-screen, full-motion graphics.

“Cyberia combines awesome graphics, stunning sound, and incredible game play to create one of the most impressive games of the year.” – Video Games




The original long box release seen above actually has a double-typo. First, the ESRB on the disc reads ‘Kids to Adults’ when it should be ‘Teen’.  Second, the back of the box is missing the descriptor for the Teen rating. It does not appear the long box was ever rereleased with a corrected disc.

The jewel case release fixes both typos.

The jewel case release is easy to pair to the case as all you need to do is check for the disc’s ESRB rating.

PSX PlayStation Cyberia Jewel Case 1-Ring Variant

Jewel Case Release




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  • In the Secrets Tab, the passwords to see the game’s credits are the mirrored phrases ‘A Billion CDs Burnt’ and ‘Drink Sapporo Beer’. Sapporo is actually the oldest beer label in Japan, while the former is likely a developer joke about the number of test discs created.
  • Funny enough, given the Sapporo beer reference, the code NEMROSIM which unlocks the entire game is probably the phrase “Miso Ramen” spelled backward without the space or the ‘a’. Someone really loves their Japanese cuisine!




If you’re stuck in the game of Cyberia, these will help you get to literally anywhere you want in the game.

Programmer’s Cheats
  • Level Select
    Normally, it is impossible to have both the Arcade and Puzzle difficulties set to 1. However, start a new game and enter NEMROSIM as your name registration. At the next screen, DO NOT MOVE THE D-PAD. Both difficulties will now be at 1. Press Cross twice to start the game. As a bonus, if you pause and select the Load Menu, the entire game and all of its level passwords are open to you.
  • View the Credits Early
    In Level 26 (Password: Genius), when you sit down at a computer terminal, you’re presented with a password screen where you would normally type “Genius”. Instead, enter TNRUB_SDC_NOILLIB_A or _REEB_OROPPAS_KNIRD (with the _ being the space bar). Either entry will get you the same quick development credits.
Level Passwords
  • At any point in the game, pause and choose “Password”. Then enter any of the following passwords to begin at the desired stage.
    • Level 2. RIG DOCK
    • Level 3. MEET GIA
    • Level 4. SKEET SHOOT
    • Level 5. BIG KISS
    • Level 6. GOING UP
    • Level 7. EASY RIDE
    • Level 8. ZAPPED
    • Level 9. BIG SHOCK
    • Level 10. CATWALK
    • Level 11. STEAL PLANE
    • Level 12. ROUGH RIDE
    • Level 13. OPEN OCEAN
    • Level 14. ISLAND RUN
    • Level 15. VALLEY RUN
    • Level 16. PORT FLYBY
    • Level 17. UNDERGROUND
    • Level 18. PIT STOP
    • Level 19. ICE SCREAM
    • Level 20. COLD FEET
    • Level 21. DOOR MAN
    • Level 22. LOCKED OUT
    • Level 23. SLICEOMATIC
    • Level 24. NOT FRIENDS
    • Level 25. LISTEN IN
    • Level 26. GENIUS
    • Level 27. RED LIGHT
    • Level 28. DRUG STORE
    • Level 29. UNSAFE DOOR
    • Level 30. GRAFFITI
    • Level 31. YOU WITH ME



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