Plastic Ridged Long Box Release

Genre: Full Motion Video CDs: 1
Publisher: Interplay Released: February 1st, 1996
Developer: Xatrix Entertainment UPC: 0 40421 89084 2
Sony ID: SLUS-00053 PSRM: 000580
Players: 1 Player Memory: 5 Blocks
Accessories: Analog Joystick
ESRB: Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

In a future where global terrorists rule and mankind lives on the brink of destruction, the ultimate doomsday device has just been discovered. Code-named Cyberia, it was designed in an era of long forgotten peace by the most brilliant minds in nano and cybernetic technology.

In the year 2027, it stands as the instrument of humanity’s destruction.

  • An epic experience over 2 years in the making.
  • 11 incredible action sequences more intense and realistic than anything ever seen.
  • Character interaction and puzzle-solving in one of the most detailed and visually stunning gaming environments ever created.
  • Music and sound effects by Thomas Dolby’s Headspace.
  • Full-screen, full-motion graphics.



Jewel Case Release




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  • The long box version is missing the actual descriptor for the ESRB Teen rating. The jewel case version fixes that.


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