Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release

Genre: One-on-One Fighting CDs: 1
Publisher: Tecmo Released: March 31, 1998
Developer: Tecmo UPC: 0 18946 01006 9
Sony ID: SLUS-00606 PSRM: 009720
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Teen Suggestive Themes
Box Copy:

The Fighting Game You’ve been waiting for…
Purist Fighting for Purist Fighting Fans
No lightening bolts, No Magic Tricks, No Weapons…


  • Seamlessly Rendered Characters
  • Combined Attack Maneuvers
  • Dynamic Backgrounds with light-sourcing brings you a vividly real experience


  • More Characters
  • Hot New Costumes
  • Radical New Moves

“Dead or Alive, with its intricate fighting system, high resolution graphics, and intense gameplay gives the Tekken franchise a run for its money.” -PS EXTREME MAGAZINE.

“The women are total knockouts!” – Ryu Hayabusa



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  • The back copy quote from Ryu Hayabusa is a little fun had by Tecmo. Ryu is the main man himself, Ninja Gaiden, who stars in the game. As of DoA’s arrival, Ryu hadn’t been seen since the Super Nintendo Ninja Gaiden Trilogy.
  • If you’re a latecomer to the series, you’re probably really confused with Kasumi’s hair on the cover. In the original Arcade release, Kasumi, Tina, and Lei Fang were all in the brown haired / sort-of brown haired department. It wouldn’t be until Dead or Alive 2 that Tina would welcome her blond locks and Kasumi a more orange tint. The graphic designer tasked with making the girls individually stand out on the cover had a 50/50 shot at guessing the future, and guessed wrong.
  • The PlayStation version is almost a Director’s Cut / re-master of the original arcade game. Besides adding the already mentioned moves, costumes, and extra characters, Tecmo rebuilt the game engine from the ground up and tightened the fighting itself.
  • There was a Hollywood film released, but it didn’t do very well.
  • For fans using GameShark devices, there’s a hilarious code that’s been called the ‘Grandma Mode’ or ‘High Gravity’ code depending on your circles. The code, 800F7EF0 0118, will cause the female’s breasts to be super low to the ground, rather than at their chest.
  • The character Bass (Tina’s father) made his debut here, as well as Kasumi’s nemesis Ayane, who was unlockable.
  • The word lightning is misspelled as ‘lightening’ on the cover.
  • Not sure if a joke, or the designer didn’t understand how the ESRB box works on the back. The black top should be the rating (in this case, ‘Teen’) and then the descriptors in the white part of said box. The designer just typed in all caps SUGGESTIVE THEMES where ‘Teen’ should have been.


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