Site Updates: 11-17-2023

Newest Additions to the Site:

Wholesale Games
  • Jack of All Games – 80332
    • Added Bugs Life / Tigger Target Combo Pack
    • Added Monster Bass
  • Unknown – 59045
    • Missile Command with Generic Memory Card Combo Blister
Project Up1
JCW’s Corrections
  • C Games from Creatures to CyberTiger have gotten their typo corrections and most of their suggestions.
  • Same set – game case scans have now been confirmed or corrected to open in new tab
  • Same set – Made some minor SEO corrections or adjustments
Page Updates
  • Cyberspeed
    Added screenshots into the Review Tab
  • Criticom
    Deleted an older review. I agree with JCW it wasn’t up to snuff as my modern stuff. So a re-review is coming!
New Variants
  • Croc 2
    Added $5 Rebate variant
  • Twisted Metal 2
    Added 3-Ring Hub Variant
  • Jet Moto 2
    Added Greatest Hits variants with different security tags
  • Tiny Tank
    White fine print versus yellow fine print variant. All new scans for both.
Strategy Guide Gallery
  • NFL Game Day 98 Personal Player’s Guide
  • WCW Thunder Prima – Plain Edition
  • Centipede – Prima No Border Multi-System variant
  • WCW / NWO Thunder – Brady Pocket Guide
  • Tekken Fighters Guide – Brady
  • Inspired by Good Vibe Collecting, the Official PlayStation Memory Card Gallery is up and running! All 12 USA released cards.
Page Updates
Demo Discs Added
Magazine Ads


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