December 1, 2002 New Releases:

Looks like Christmas came early, and it’s all budget priced!

For the cost of one regular game players everywhere can pick up SIX games today, with a lot of variety to boot. Let’s jump into the bag and see what Santa brought us!

First up is The Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys, a video game based on those weird little fish-like things you buy from the back of comic books.

PSX PlayStation Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys

Jewel Case Release

Younger folks who just need to get their groove on will find dance moves in Superstar Dance Club. The game can be had by itself or with the dance pad in an unofficial bundle.

PlayStation PSX Superstar Dance Hits No Hub Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release

Puzzle fanatics will have a fun time with Jigsaw Madness – a puzzle game that offers a variety of puzzles each with 3 different piece counts. It might not be for everyone, but with a cup of coffee and a lazy Sunday afternoon it’s quite the relaxing time waster. Plus, no missing pieces!

PlayStation PSX Jigsaw Madness Disc No Hub Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release

Marble Master gives the other type of puzzle-fans something to chew on. Far more than just connecting 3 of the same color, it will test even the most ardent smarty-pants gamer.

PSX PlayStation Marble Master Conspiracy Theory Original Release

Jewel Case Release – Original

If you need something more comical, then by golly Monster Bass! has you covered. Take the weirdest fishing trip ever as players navigate waters to find the creepiest fish with the strangest lures imaginable. This isn’t your father’s fishing game!

PlayStation PSX Monster Bass No Hub Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release

Finally for the arcade junkies is Gekioh Shooting King. An arcade port of the spaceship shooter Shienryu (roughly translated to “Support Dragon”) from Japan. It’s a fun romp through various enemy ships and the like.

PlayStation PSX Gekioh Shooting King No Hub Black Retail Release

Jewel Case Release

There’s plenty to play today and yet more on the way. Stay Tuned!

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