Beyond the Beyond

Double Jewel Case Release

Genre: Role Playing Game CDs: 1
Publisher: Sony Released: September 11, 1996
Developer: Camelot UPC: 7 11719 47022 9
Sony ID: SCUS-94702 PSRM: 002570
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 to 3 Blocks
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Good Battles Evil when Two Kingdoms Collide

An Evil Force, shackled for centuries, throbs like a heartbeat within the Earth as it seeks open air! And in the body of a youth beats the soul of a poet and the heart of a lion. Stride into the Darkness with young Finn and his vigilant fire-breathing dragon as they hunt down the Evil that threatens to annihilate the world. Launch into a quest Beyond imagination – and possibly Beyond endurance!

  • Gather warriors, mages, pirates and mystics.  Observe as they transform into a more powerful class.  Clerks evolve into high clerks, monks into master monks and conjurers into mighty summoners!
  • Unravel complex secrets in two richly textured views. Explore in lush top-down isometric view and battle savage enemies in full 360 degree 3D combat.
  • Grow stronger and smarter with each victory. Your swordsmanship increases in power and your magic will swell with potent energy.
  • Use supreme magic to summon monsters and fatal storms. Hurl tormentors into another dimension.  Drown them in a boiling sea of fire!





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  • While the ‘first RPG’ award goes to King’s Field, Beyond the Beyond takes the prize for being the first true “Japanese Style Role Playing Game (JRPG)” released for the PlayStation in America.
  • Beyond the Beyond features one of the best and worst plot devices ever written. Near the beginning of the game, you’re told a boat you need costs a certain amount of gold. This price is one digit higher than the in-game currency allows. While this would mean you just need to find a new way, many game players mistook this for a programming glitch, and abandoned the game thinking they couldn’t reach the required amount.


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