Beyond the Beyond

PSX PlayStation Beyond the Beyond Single Ring Hub

Double Jewel Case Release


Role Playing Game
September 11, 1996
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1 Player
1 to 3 Blocks
Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Good Battles Evil when Two Kingdoms Collide

An Evil Force, shackled for centuries, throbs like a heartbeat within the Earth as it seeks open air! And in the body of a youth beats the soul of a poet and the heart of a lion. Stride into Darkness with young Finn and his vigilant fire-breathing dragon as they hunt down the Evil that threatens to annihilate the world. Launch into a quest Beyond imagination – and possibly Beyond endurance!

  • Gather warriors, mages, pirates and mystics.  Observe as they transform into a more powerful class.  Clerks evolve into high clerks, monks into master monks and conjurers into mighty summoners!
  • Unravel complex secrets in two richly textured views. Explore in lush top-down isometric view and battle savage enemies in full 360 degree 3D combat.
  • Grow stronger and smarter with each victory. Your swordsmanship increases in power and your magic will swell with potent energy.
  • Use supreme magic to summon monsters and fatal storms. Hurl tormentors into another dimension.  Drown them in a boiling sea of fire!





Also printed with a 2-Ring Hub on the disc.

PSX PlayStation Beyond the Beyond 2-Ring Hub Release

2-Ring Hub Disc Release




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  • Two items in the game are named the Gimry Axe and the Gundalf Hood. These are obvious nods to the Lord of The Rings’ Gimli and Gandolf.
  • Any item in the game with a negative sounding name, such as Demon’s Fist, Devil Ribbon, etc. should NOT be equipped. It will cause your character to be cursed, and only the Priest can Cure you of it.
  • The pirate Domino, who can join your party, has no win animation in either class form. He just continues his standing animation.
  • Several in-game story sequences appear to have never been fully fleshed out, or were poorly translated in the American release.
    • In the town of Simone, a spell creator tells you that he can help you learn a Summon Spell, but his dialogue box infinitely repeats in how close he is to finally finishing it.
    • Tont, the hidden character you can draft into your team, speaks of how he wants to break free of his accidental transformation. No matter what happens, this will only happen in the end credits of the game.
    • There is a sequence between Lord Kevins and an enemy character that implies they had experienced a situation off-screen, but the dialogue is written that it assumes the player saw the event.
    • The backstory of two main NPCs appear to be the reason behind most of the adventure, but the actual details are not truly driven home until literally the end of the game. It almost feels like the writers forgot what the game was about.
  • In the town of Discipline Island, a woman in the town tells you to come back to her place so you can ‘celebrate’ with her after you complete the trial. When you do return, she spends the night drinking with you. When you finish the game, she can be seen spinning in circles drunk in the credits sequence.
  • There’s a glaring oversight with what enemies appear in a giant vine area. Despite standing on a paper thin giant leaf, skeleton enemies still rise up out of the “ground”, complete with rocks scattering everywhere. You’re on a leaf in the middle of the sky with nothing beneath you…where did they and their rocks come from?
  • Roughly 10% of the towns and caves you find are completely optional; you need only visit them for level grinding or curiosity.
  • Search everything – barrels, statues, empty tables, literally anything. You’ll often find great valuables or rare items. One of the bookshelves has a book about the game itself.
  • While the ‘first RPG’ award goes to King’s Field, Beyond the Beyond takes the prize for being the first true “Japanese Style Role Playing Game (JRPG)” released for the PlayStation in America.
  • Beyond the Beyond features one of the best and worst plot devices ever written. Near the beginning of the game, you’re told a boat you need costs a certain amount of gold. This price is several digits higher than the in-game currency allows. While this would mean you just need to find a new way, many game players mistook this for a programming glitch, and abandoned the game thinking they couldn’t reach the required amount.
  • The unofficial Prima guide book for the game has one of the most honest writers I have ever read. Anthony James flat out tells you the game is frustrating in his introduction. Late in the book, he writes that the Ice Cave that holds Mithril is a completely optional quest…and then proceeds to NOT tell you about it…because he optioned out!
  • Probably the most heinous Save system I have ever dealt with. Regardless if you Save or not, the Priest will ask you if you wish to continue. If you choose No without actually having saved, you’ll be kicked to the title screen and have lost all your progress from the previous Save to now.




These are hidden characters, bonus damage and secret items to find in Beyond the Beyond.

  • Double Damage
    To do stronger attacks hit the Cross button rapidly while your character momentarily flashes before their attack animation. This can result in an extra hit, a super extra hit (you fly towards the enemy with an explosion trail behind you), or both. If done with Finn (your character), Steiner will sometimes help as well. This works on defense as well. If you jam the Cross button as the enemy blinks, you gain the chance of a counter attack or full guard. If done while groggy, you may gain a discount bonus on LP spent.
  • Get Tont
    On the way to Simone you pass through The Mist Cave. There will eventually be a section at the bottom of the cave that has two exit holes next to each other. The right leads to Simone, while the left brings you to another part of the mountain. Climb to the top from the left side, and you will see a large emerald – take it. Back track, and head for Simone. While you are there go to the home of the Summoner (on the west side of town). He will ask for the jewel. After a cute cinematic, the yellow blob will follow behind you. Once you exit it town, Tont will be part of your party.
  • Get Lorele
    Lorele is in the ruined castle of Barbaros. If you’re looking at the Priest, the hallway to his right is where you need to go. Walk up to till you hit the column, and then turn right and walk right through the black wall to a hidden area. Go down the stairs, use the key and find Lorele. Follow her to the throne room – after a small scene, she’ll join your party.
  • Get Percy
    To get Percy to join your party DO NOT fight the Black Knight. Keep defending and healing yourself for between 10 to 15 rounds, and he will run away from the fight. 
  • Hidden Cinema
    Hold Down + Circle (or Triangle + Up ) button before the Camelot logo appears and a short intro will take place soon after.
  • Music Box (Music Test)
    At a point in the game, the King of Marion will tell you to relax after a fight. When the screen returns, all 4 of your characters will be sleeping in beds. Tont, if you have him, will sadly be sleeping on the table. Once you gain control, walk over to the left empty table and search it. You’ll find the Music Box, Access it from your Item inventory and you can listen to any track in the game while you play. It will reset once something interrupts it, like a random fight.
  • World Map
    Once you gain access to Domino’s ship, don’t talk to him. Instead,  run down to the lowest area and to the right. In his bedroom area, search the empty table and you’ll find the World Map. Use this when you’re in the outside world (not dungeons or towns) to see where you are on the map.
  • Hidden Shopkeeper
    Besides finding Lorele in the destroyed Barboras castle, you’ll also have a hidden shopkeeper. On the second floor of the castle, head for the Western wing. Once outside, walk along the south side of the wall and then east until you’re stopped. He’s hiding behind the gate’s wall graphic.
  • Exploit the Light Orbs
    When you’re given the Light Orbs, they allow you to store your extra characters in villages and castles you have been been. While dumb at first, they are a great way to quickly warp around the map. Head to a stored character, and when they ask where you want to store them, send them to your destination. Then use the orb again and warp to them.
  • Real world cheat with Discipline Island
    During the trial, you must remember three shapes and then use them to ‘air walk’ between triggers that activate the 3 colored shapes. Just take a photo with your phone of the three patterns on the base floor, and then use it as reference for the trial.


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