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PlayStation PSX Demo Driver Plain 1 Ring Cardboard Sleeve Release

Plain Version – SLUS-90053 / PSRM-013710 / 7 42725 17403 0

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GT Interactive
Pre-June 1999
7 42725 17403 0
Sony ID:
1 Player
Teen – Mild Language
Box Copy:

The criminal underworld has accepted you as one of their own. You are the wheelman. Driving through the urban jungle without respect for anything except your own skin. Tailing unsuspecting victims. Picking up shipments. And, of course, getting away from heists! Speeding through the mean streets of L.A., San Francisco, New York, and Miami. Leaving a trail of red lights, dazed pedestrians, and burnt-out cop cars in your chassis-sparking trail!

  • Catch mad air just like in the movies
  • Drive through cities with realistic traffic, signals, pedestrians, and cops.
  • You are the wheelman. The cops can’t stop you!




Probably one of the more interesting demo variant sets strictly from a production standpoint. The ‘plain’ version shown above was distributed at E3 1999 as well as sent to various retailers.

The first variant is the unmarked Best Buy version. There are no logos on the sleeve, but the included coupon is branded. GT Interactive also updates the game’s serials to SLUS-00842A / PSRM-14231 / 7 42725 18763 4. There’s just one problem; the SLUS and PSRM aren’t from the plain demo disc, they’re from the actual retail game!

PlayStation PSX Demo Driver Best Buy 1 Ring Cardboard Sleeve with Coupon

Best Buy Variant – SLUS-00842A / PSRM-14231 / 7 42725 18763 4

It includes this coupon:

Best Buy Coupon Front and Back

The Toys R Us Demo brings us back to basics with the correct serial sequences: SLUS-90053T / PSRM-013712 / 7 42725 19094 8. Considering how this variant uses T for Toys R’ Us and ends the PSRM in 2, I’m willing to bet the Best Buy release was supposed to end in B with the PSRM ending in 1. Somebody messed up! 🙂

PlayStation PSX Demo Driver Toys R Us 1 Ring Cardboard Sleeve with Coupon

Toys R Us Variant -SLUS-90053T / PSRM-013712 / 7 42725 19094 8

This also has a coupon.

PlayStation PSX Demo Driver Toys R Us Coupon Both Sides

Toys R Us Coupon Front and Back



  • There are no known misprints.




This contains a demo for Driver, except it’s just two in-engine video replays from the movie maker option. It looks amazing and gives the vibes of old 70’s and 80’s car chase scenes – but there’s no game to be played here.




  • There are no screenshots for this game yet.



  • There are currently no videos for this game.




  • A curiosity in the packaging. The coupon for both store variants shows the updated male figure, but the packaging for the plain and Best Buy sleeves uses an earlier version of him. Between this and the weird SLUS / PSRM mess-up, there was a communication issue going on.
  • The Toys R Us version has a different screenshot for the caption “Catch mad air just like in the movies!” except in the screenshot the car is grounded.
  • Movie fans will note that the original screenshot of the car flying off a San Francisco hill is a direct, almost 1-to-1 frame reference to the chase scene from the movie Bullitt. All that’s missing are the pedestrian cars.


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