Adventures of Lomax, The

PSX The Adventures of Lomax

Jewel Case Release

Genre: Platformer CDs: 1
Publisher: Psygnosis Released: October 22, 1996
Developer: Psygnosis UPC: 7 11719 49062 3
Sony ID: SCUS-94906 PSRM: 005100
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Lomax is in way over his head. Evil Ed has nabbed his pals and tricked them into doing diabolical deeds. Only Lomax has the power to break the sinister hex!

Leap into action with Lomax as he battles Ed’s evildoers and travels through bizarre lands in this fast and frantic thriller.

  • Over 40 levels of zoomin’ action
  • 4 exotic landscapes with fantastic animated effects
  • Dash in and out of platforms up to 10 layers deep
  • Conquer tons of enemies, bats, zombies, blowfish and more!


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  • Lomax is one of the Lemmings, an animal and character from the game of the same name, which is one of Psygnosis’ most popular series of all times.
  • Shares a graphic design style with the Sega CD game Flinx, pumping out amazing amounts of color and shading.



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