Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

PSX PlayStation Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Double Jewel Case Release – Regular Edition


Collectible Card Game
Konami of America, Inc
March 27, 2002
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
0 83717 17125 6
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Everyone Violence
Box Copy:

In Ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful…it had to be locked away for a millennia.

Now, you can unravel the secrets of the ultimate power and the seven millennium items in an all-new Adventure! Based on the hit television series, YU-GI-OH!: Forbidden Memories takes you back to Ancient Egypt to solve the mysteries of the millennium items and uncover the secrets of Duel Monsters in the YU-GI-OH! world.


  • An RPG Story Mode – featuring a side-story to the animated series in Ancient Egypt.
  • Duel Monsters makes the jump to a full 3D playing field.
  • Over 600 monsters fully animated and rendered in 3D.
  • Import cards from the Official Card Game to create more powerful decks.
  • Duel against and trade cards with your friends to gain experience and upgrade your card collection.




Forbidden Memories has a Collector version with a foil insert and 3 cards that can be used in the actual physical card game. The cover artwork on both front and back are foil / reflective. The manual is the regular edition. The disc and case carry the SLUS-01411-SEA with PSRM-023321. The cards are numbered FMR-001, 002, 003. For the truly OCD, there is a sticker on the shrinkwrap and then the actual foil pack the cards game in to complete the whole piece.

Thanks to multiple site friends- the cards hide a crucial detail. If you are piecing together this set, you need to make sure the 3 cards have the FMR-00x designation on them underneath the artwork. These will be the cards included in the game. The cards were reprinted without their designation much later, so be wary.

The three cards are Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Harpie’s Pet Dragon, and Metalmorph.

PlayStation PSX Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories Collectors Edition Foil with 3 Cards

Limited Edition with 3 Card Pack. Foil Cover.




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A sealed copy of the Limited Edition was open on GameRaveTV, along with a Letter Lament about the game’s lack of clear instructions.


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  • The game uses rules that are based on the manga and anime. When the actual card game came to life, it had refined rules that varied from the PlayStation game. Learning one will not necessarily help you with the other and vice versa.


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