March 15, 2002 Arc The Lad and Dracula The Last Sanctuary

Well hey now, it’s two games out on one day, but it’s really more than that! Today features 8 discs across 2 games. First, let’s talk about Dracula: The Last Sanctuary. It’s a follow up to the original Resurrection game released a while back. A point-and-click adventure where you must try and save your wife Mina from Dracula’s curse.

PSX PlayStation Dracula - The Last Sanctuary 2-Disc No-Ring Black Label

Double Slim Jewel Case Release – No-Ring

The real news today is Arc The Lad Collection – Working Designs swan song for the original PlayStation hardware. Spanning a massive 6 CDs, the first 5 are the Arc the Lad, 1, II, III (across 2 discs), and Arc Arena. The last disc is actually a Making of CD.

PSX PlayStation Arc The Lad Collection

Collector’s Edition – Variant B Set SLUS-01224b, 01252b, 01253b, 01254b / PSRM – 023750, 023760, 023770, 023780

The last 4 games of the month don’t hit till the 26th and 27th, so I’ll see you then!

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