New Releases for Nov. 21, 2001: Blaster Master, Men in Black, Cabela’s

Pretty busy day at the mall. Hot buttered pretzels, little bit of that arcade action, and then hitting up all the game stores! Today’s newest releases includes a nice rounded selection. Let’s jam!

First out of the bag is Men in Black The Series: Crashdown. Save the Earth from the more evil alien scum.

PSX PlayStation Men In Black - The Series: Crashdown

Jewel Case Release

Next up is Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Ultimate Challenge, which is a mouthful. Head out into the forest and try and collect trophy kills and the like.

PSX PlayStation Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Ultimate Challenge

Jewel Case Release

The featured game is Blaster Master: Blasting Again. A PlayStation game whose backstory is based on the Worlds of Wonder: Blaster Master book – which was a companion to the original NES game. It’s really crazy exploring in 3D with Sophia, can’t wait to play this one.

PSX PlayStation Blaster Master Blasting Again

Jewel Case Release

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