Ace Combat 2

Jewel Case Release

Genre: Shooter CDs: 1
Publisher: Namco Released: August 25, 1997
Developer: Namco UPC: 7 22674 02068 8
Sony ID: SLUS-00404 PSRM: 007250
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog
ESRB: Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

We’ve devised a weapon that’s deadlier than a smart bomb. It’s called a smart pilot. Now, Ace Combat 2 pits you against a whole squadron of them – 3-D polygon jet jocks that maneuver like the real deal; turning every scorching sortie and dogfight into a kill-or-be-killed situation. With nearly double the missions of its predecessor, you’ll double your chances of taking out the enemy. (Or taking a heat-seeker up the exhaust).

  • The most realistic dogfights ever created for the PlayStation game console.
  • Total 3-D polygon environment – fly freely and unload your arsenal with reckless abandon.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence – cunning and calculating enemy pilots.
  • 30 formidable missions – nearly double the missions of Air Combat.
  • Awesome mission debriefings – dynamic diagrams and moving maps for surgical strikes.
  • Secret planes and hidden missions – the better you fly, the more you’ll reveal.


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  • Having trouble finding Ace Combat 1? That’s because it’s named Air Combat.
  • The cover of the game holds several obscured messages/visuals, all buried in the foil section on the far left:
    • The top most message, which is readable:
      • 3D Jet Fighter Action
      • Intense Aerial Dog Fighting
      • Superior Enemy Intelligence
      • ACECOMBAT2
    • The next layer down, in silver reads:
      • The situation is tense and
      • there is no time to lose –
      • Take on this mission
      • immediately
    • Across the left wing and tail, the following words and symbols can be read:
      • Combat Zone
      • Time Limit
      • Danger
      • Recover
      • Curad
      • Landing Area
      • Hold Fire
      • Target
  • The cover plane is featured in the game; the Su-35 Phoenix.

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