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Genre: Puzzle CDs: 1
Publisher: Viacom Released: November 20, 1995
Developer: Hookstone UPC: 0 40824 13700 1
Sony ID: SLUS-00078 PSRM: 001150
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Why are you wasting time reading the box when you could be playing the game?
Right here inside this little cardboard box is the excitement you crave, the challenge you need.

Level after level of brain-burning action coming at you from all sides, faster and faster until your thumbs are numb, your eyes are aching and your mind is molten.  and there’s only one thing you know… “I can’t stop playing this game!”

  • 99 levels of intense non-stop action, shatter the calmest nerves!
  • Scorching four-way action attacks you from all sides…
  • Intensifying gameplay demands expert strategic thinking. (In other words, use your head!)
  • Bold 3-D graphics challenge your every move!
  • “Opti-Challenge” backgrounds increase the complexity of advancing levels… don’t let your eyes deceive you.





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Overview – Not a review

So what happens when you create a puzzle game that has nothing to do with Tetris? You get one of the rarest and most addictive games the PlayStation can throw at you.

Zoop is relatively simple in design; you play the little arrow in the middle of the screen and must shoot the opposing blob with a matching color. The catch is that your beam goes all the way through and turns into the next color in line. You must keep on your toes and keep the blobs at bay before they run into your 4 by 4 square.

There are a total of 99 Levels to conquer and each stage gets one step crazier then the last. As you progress, the backgrounds will even change into optical illusions to try and throw you off.

Sadly, Viacom abandoned the video game industry rather early on, forcing this little gem to the brink of obscurity. If you find it, buy it, play it, love it, and never let it go. It’s one of the few original games that never got the attention it deserved, nor probably ever will.


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The Bad

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  • The PlayStation version shares the same box art as the other versions, leading to the unintentional typo of “…inside this cardboard box…” text on the back. That is referring to the SNES, Genesis, and Jaguar versions.
  • Also available for almost every other system at the time.
  • The studio behind the game, Hookstone, only released 3 games before most of the staff moved on to another company. Their legacy is Alfred Chicken, Zoop, and Sentinel Returns.


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