June 12th New Releases: In Cold Blood, Atlantis, and Time Crisis Sequel

A nice selection out today in retail land – join me, won’t you?

Following in the footsteps of the animated movie, Disney’s Atlantis lets players of all ages control the crew and their many vehicles as they dive deep below the waters in search of adventure.

PSX PlayStation Disney Atlantis The Lost Empire

Jewel Case Release

2nd out of the Funcoland bag is Time Crisis: Project Titan. Namco’s follow-up to the phenomenal light gun game Time Crisis. This is a PlayStation exclusive sequel that finds Agent Miller the accused assassin of a world leader. Available in Guncon bundle and standard edition.

PSX PlayStation Time Crisis Project Titan Stand Alone release black label

Jewel Case Release

Lastly, the featured game is In Cold Blood. A stealth spy agent game with the now-standard ‘3D characters on rendered backgrounds look.’ A nifty premise and some slick camera angles should make this in interesting game to play.

PSX PlayStation In Cold Blood Black Label Retail Release

Slim Double Jewel Case Release

Tomorrow brings more family focused games, see you then!


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