PlayStation Collector’s Edition and Twin Packs


During the last few years of the PlayStation’s life, Sony realized that the green labeled “Greatest Hits” logo just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So they came up with a new strategy of Collector’s Editions.

Boxed in a cardboard sleeve, redone in special CE packaging, each set would contain 3 jewel cased games that all adhered to a theme. Some were sequel based, some were genre based, and some just stuck with a license. The idea was a valid success, and ended up generating 11 different sets along with two smaller Twin Sets.

Here is where the 3 CD Collector’s Packs come into play. All sets adhere to the following criteria:

  • 3 Complete Games per box set or Two in the Twin Packs
  • Either Genre, Series, or Sequel based
  • Each CD’s PSRM digit ends in a 4 rather than 0
  • The SLUS / SCUS digits all end in CE or TP for the Twin Pack
  • Each set has its own SCUS / SLUS digit, but no overall PSRM.
  • Only the outer box is sealed; the inside jewel cases are opened
  • The barcodes on each jewel case are replaced with “Part of a Set” warnings

Three Packs

Army Men Gold – Collector’s Edition
Crash Bandicoot – Collector’s Edition
Disney Collector’s Edition – Action
Disney Collector’s Edition – Kids
EA Collector’s Edition: Action
EA Collector’s Edition: Racing
EA Collector’s Edition: Sports
Eidos Collector’s Edition
Grand Theft Auto Compilation
Spyro Collector’s Edition
Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition

Two Packs

Driver / Driver 2 Twin Pack (As a GH Release)
Sesame Street Workshop Twin Pack

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