Driver 2

PSX PlayStation Driver 2 Black Label Retail Release Correct Insert

Double Jewel Case Release


November 14, 2000
Reflections Interactive
7 42725 21347 0
Sony ID:
SLUS-01161, 01318
021610, 021620
1 to 2 Players
2 Blocks
Analog, Vibration
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

The Wheelman is Back!

Get back behind the wheel and back on the streets as Tanner, the crime world’s fastest undercover driver. An international gang war has erupted, and you are caught in the crossfire. Get away through all-new urban chaos. Dodge U.S. and Brazilian gangsters. Keep your cover and your cool because you are the wheelman!

  • New foot missions let you hit the streets and commandeer any vehicle!
  • Partner up with any thug in split-screen multi-player modes!
  • All-new curvedĀ  road systems bring the action to life with ultra-realism!
  • 4 new cities: Chicago, Havana, Rio, and Las Vegas. Epic storytelling, and high-quality cinematics!




Driver 2 has a fairly straight-forward variant history with one minor hiccup. The first variant we have today is a small mistake in the layout process. The artwork for the inside inserts are flipped – the right side is on the left and vice versa. Also of note is that the discs have less text under the SLUS number. The correct inserts version above has a much longer identifier.

It’s more than likely that this was the first print run, and then the corrected version above was the 2nd printing, since the corrected release and the Greatest Hits share the longer disc ID Tag.

PSX PlayStation Driver 2 Misprint Reversed Inserts

Design Error – Inside artwork reversed

It was released as a standard Greatest Hits release in it’s usual double jewel case. CDs maintain the longer disc descriptor.

ID Tags read: SLUS-01161GH, 01318GH / SLUS-021611, 021621

PSX PlayStation Driver 2 Greatest Hits Release

Greatest Hits Release – SLUS-01161GH, 01318GH / SLUS-021611, 021621

Lastly, both versions of Driver came in the Twin Pack Collector’s Edition. Oddly enough it’s fully branded as a Greatest Hits. Includes stickers and a bumper sticker.

PSX PlayStation Driver Twin Pack Collectors Edition Greatest Hits Release

Double Jewel Case / Twin Pack



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