Nov. 6 New Releases: Gundam Battle Assault and More!

So many games, let’s go!

First out of the EB Games bag is Tonka Space Station – a kids game focused on 9 new Tonka vehicles. Oddly enough it offers a simulation or arcade mode…a simulation mode for a kids game?

PSX PlayStation Tonka Space Station

Jewel Case Release

Race car fans will be able to take on actual NASCAR drivers in NASCAR Heat.

PSX PlayStation NASCAR Heat

Jewel Case Release

If you’re a race junkie with no limit to your vehicle type, Moto Racer World Tour – which if you snag the sticker off the cover, it will lead you to site and chance to win a motorcycle.

PSX PlayStation Moto Racer World Tour Incorrect Sku Version

Jewel Case Release with Incorrect Security Seal Barcode

Incredible Crisis is sort of puzzle / mini-game / rhythm game hybrid all in one. Enjoy a bizarre day in the life of a family business man and his wacky family.

PSX PlayStation Incredible Crisis Retail Release

Jewel Case Release

Trivia buffs can bring two friends back to the couch as they try and win the next entry in the game show series with You Don’t Know Jack Mock 2. An exclusive PlayStation title perfectly priced!

PSX PlayStation You Don't Know Jack Mock 2

Jewel Case Release

And finally, our featured game of the day and one hell of a great looking game. Gundam Battle Assault is based off the famous Japanese Animation series of giant mechs and defiant social classes. The PlayStation game is a one-on-one fighting game that uses brilliant piece building techniques to allow the PlayStation HUGE robotic characters. One of my favorites so far this year.

PSX PlayStation Gundam Battle Assault

Jewel Case Release

Tomorrow is a whole lot more game inbound, be there!


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