Army Men – Air Attack 2

PSX PlayStation Black Label Retail Release Army Men - Air Attack 2

Jewel Case Release


October 31, 2000
7 90561 50861 8
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

The Air Calvary is back with a vengeance!

Plastro, the nefarious leader of the Tan Army, has enlisted the help of the villainous Baron von Beige to help him set a trap for Captain Blade! The Alpha Wolf Squadron once again ‘takes to the skies’ with an onslaught of new missions, improved helicopters and more pyrotechnic weaponry than ever before. Join the Air Cavalry as they face a host of challenging foes in their efforts to stop the General’s evil plans. Real Combat. Plastic Men.

  • 20+ action packed campaign levels with over 15, unique, fully interactive environments
  • All Campaign missions can be played in either One Player to Two Player Cooperative modes
  • 10 different split-screen, head-to-head, multi-player games
  • Select from five toy helicopters, each with improved physics and increased winch utility
  • The best in pyrotechnic-based weaponry and special effects
  • New “Smarter Than You Are” AI system makes it a different game each time you play
  • Movie quality cinematics seamlessly integrates storyline and gameplay

” Without a plan, there is no action. Without action, there is no victory.” – Colonel Grimm




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Army Men: Air Attack 2 has a ton of fun in-game items and cheats to enable.

Misc. Unlockable Items

Head to the Password Screen under the ‘Continue Game’ option and enter any of the following.

  • Unlock Toy Copter
    Circle, Down, Left, Cross, Square, Down, Cross, Square (the screen will display “Anybody can get lucky once!). It will now be in the Helicopter menu.
  • Unlock UFO
    Down, Circle, Square, Up, Up, Cross, Circle, Square (the screen will display “The Tan Forces are in trouble now!”).  It will now be in the Helicopter menu.
  • Unlock Zeppelin
    Cross, Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Up (the screen will display “The Tan Forces are in trouble now!”). It will now be in the Helicopter menu.
  • Unlock All Vehicles
    Right, Down, Circle, Up, Up, Left, Circle, Cross (the screen will display “Just remember, no cheating in school!”). This will unlock the Toy Copter, UFO, Zeppelin, and the the Baron all at once in the Helicopter Selection Menu.
  • Unlock All Co-Pilots
    Right, Cross, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Square, Square, Left (Will display “Anybody can get lucky once!). Unlocks Hooligan and  Sarge as new co-pilots.
  • Unlock All Helicopters and Co-Pilots
    Square, Down, Right, Triangle, Cross, Cross, Circle, Cross. (Will display “The Tan Forces are in trouble now!”). This will unlock Hooligan and Sarge for the Pilots, and then Top Copter, UFO, Zeppelin, and The Baron for the extra vehicles.
  • Unlock Invincibility For One Level
    Cross, Triangle, Circle, Left, Down, Cross, Right, Cross (Will display “The Tan Forces are in trouble now!”). With this in place, enter the Level password you want, and you’ll be impervious to attacks for that particular level.
  • Unlock All Levels
    Triangle, Circle, Cross, Right, Right, Circle, Square, Down. This will take you right to Mission 16, but you can go backwards to other stages.
  • Change Everything to Green
    Down, Right, Cross, Triangle, Circle, Left, Square, Square. (Will display “The Tan Forces are in trouble now!”). Now the game will look like you’re wearing Night-Vision goggles, as everything will be a neon green.


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