Echo Night

PSX PlayStation Echo Night

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July 31, 1999
From Software
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1 Player
2 Blocks
Analog, Vibration
Teen Animated Blood, Mild Language
Box Copy:

In 1913 the ship Orpheus mysteriously vanished, 45 souls were lost.

…or were they? Echo Night thrusts you into the middle of a supernatural adventure to past times and distant places. As Echo Night’s spellbinding story unfolds, you’ll visit past eras, meet unusual characters, and learn the secrets of the dead. Be warned, this adventure is not without peril. There are devious mini-games and puzzles to survive before you discover what really happened to the Orpheus, its passengers, and the ancient talisman stones. Echo Night is one adventure you won’t soon forget.

  • A first-person adventure
  • Explore over 10 eerie locations
  • Interact with over 40 characters
  • Travel through time
  • 3 unique endings



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  • This game is survived by Echo Night: Beyond, a sequel that was on PlayStation 2.
  • Orpheus – the ship’s name, comes from the Greek legend of a poet and musician. His story concerns his attempt to bring his dead wife back from the underworld but loses her at the last possible moment. In the game, you are attempting to set dead souls free, and several puzzles involve music or music related items.
  • Despite saying it’s Analog Compatible, only the Vibration Function of the controller works. Strictly D-Pad control for this game.
  • There are 4 possible endings to the game: Good, Bad, Evil, and Best. In order to Achieve the Best Ending, you must collect all Spirit Orbs (i.e. Rescue all the Souls), Exchange them all for Potions from the Medium, NOT take the Knife from said Medium, and make it off the boat alive.
  • Token black guy in a Japanese Game? Check.
  • The game claims that 45 souls were lost on the boat, yet you only collect 26 spirit orbs. Not sure where the other 19 passengers went to…
  • For those of us who have no sense of direction, you may want to snag paper and pencil near the end of the game. There is a sequence that involves a lot of rooms that look similar, and it can get damn confusing damn fast.
  • Though you are never, ever given a weapon in the entire game, Non-playable characters fire a gun 3 times, a machine gun once, and several people get stabbed. Truly, this is not the Love Boat.
  • Pretty cool, though fairly buried ‘Easter Egg’. Once you collect all 26 Orbs, haul your ass back to the Casino. The once broken JukeBox will now be activated and allow you to listen to the game’s music.
  • Just like in D, depending on which ending you get, the police involved in the beginning of the game are never heard from or seen from again, despite never having closure.
  • In the beginning of the game, you are given a pretty nice in-game render of the entire ship. However, once you are placed on the ship, several of the bow and stern details go missing, more then likely due to RAM limitations.
  • Whenever you complete a mission, and the Soul turns to a Orb, make sure you always look down. Usually, when there’s an item dropped, a sound effect is made to signify it. There’s at least 2 situations where the sound effect is missing.
  • From Software fans will get a kick out of the control schemes. The default control scheme is from King’s Field.

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