Play with the Teletubbies

PSX PlayStation Play with the Teletubbies

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Genre: Edutainment CDs: 1
Publisher: Knowledge Adventure Released: August 16, 2000
Developer: Asylum Entertainment, Ltd. UPC: 0 20626 70915 6
Sony ID: SLUS-00959 PSRM: 016630
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: Analog
ESRB: Early Childhood No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Come and Play!

Your child will join the lovable Teletubbies in a brightly colored world that encourages curiosity and stimulates the imagination! Choose Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Dipsy or Po and follow them as they play 11 different games and activities in Teletubbyland!

  • Teletubbyland is filled with magical objects and sounds for you to discover!
  • Help the Teletubbies explore Teletubbyland to find their favorite things!
  • Help chase the Noo-Noo around the Tubbytronic Superdome!
  • Play videos in the Teletubbies’ tummies again and again!



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