007: The World is Not Enough

PSX PlayStation 007: The World is Not Enough

Jewel Case Release


First Person Shooter
Electronic Arts
October 17, 2000
Black Ops Entertainment
0 14633 14185 6
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Bond is Back!

Bond’s Best Missions! Battle through 10 exciting levels in a variety of objectives. Experience the intensity of being the world’s top secret agent. Equipped with a full arsenal of Q-lab gadgets and weaponry, you must be suave and resourceful as you carry out action-packed missions based on the blockbuster movie. Are you cool under pressure? Cunning when necessary? Of course you are – you’re Bond…James Bond.

  • Bond’s Best Missions! Battle through 10 exciting levels with a variety of objectives.
  • Over 20 Q-Lab Gadgets and Weapons! Bond’s P2K, Infrared Glasses, Cell Phone Stunner, and many more.
  • All new 3D Engine! High-resolution textures, fast framerate and amazing view distances make this the best looking POV game on the PlayStation game console.
  • Improved AI! Enemies will react to you, communicate with each other, and even retreat!
  • Authentic Dialogue! Interact with other characters and experience movie-like cinematics with full speech.




Released as a Greatest Hits variant. – SLUS-01272GH / PSRM – 020542

PSX PlayStation 007 The World is Not Enough

Greatest Hits Release – SLUS-01272GH / PSRM – 020542



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  • John Cleese reprises his role as gadgets master R.
  • Uses a character engine developed by Killer Game.
  • Supports a new 3D engine that allowed a longer point of view.
  • There is a glitch in the first stage’s end scene. When the female goes running off, she heads right into a closed door, and keeps going…into the closed door.
  • If you check your local cheats web-site, there’s a pretty interesting trick that will allow you to rake in the required amount of money you need in the poker game a bit too quickly. If done right, you can actually win an almost maxed out amount that could crash the game!
  • There was actually a PlayStation 2 version of the game planned, but it never made it to the major development stages.

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