Syphon Filter 2

PlayStation Syphon FIilter 2

Sony’s country-hopping special agent Gabe Logan returns with his partner Lian in Syphon Filter 2, 989 Studios follow-up to the original.

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Cool Boarders 4

PlayStation Cool Boarders 4

Cool Boarders 4 releases a few days after Twisted Metal 4, making the PlayStation library officially old and truly gray as the years go on.

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Twisted Metal 4

PlayStation Twisted Metal 4

Twisted Metal 4 brings 989 Studios’ take on the series to a close, with improvements to Twisted Metal III’s engine and…Rob Zombie?

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Jet Moto 3

PlayStation Jet Moto 3

Jet Moto 3 brings in a new development studio to tackle one of the PlayStation’s most intense racing game series ever released.

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PSX 3xtreme

989 Studios’ third entry into their extreme sports sees some problematic issues arise, which would eventually lead 3xtreme to an early grave.

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Syphon Filter

PSX Syphon Filter Manual

Sony has gone after EA Sports, but now they set their sites on Konami, with Gabe Logan and the Syphon Filter trying to dethrone Metal Gear Solid.

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Bust a Groove

Bust a Groove Manual

Bust a Groove continues the trail blazed by Parappa the Rapper. Control anime stylized characters who use motion captured dance moves to bring victory to the dance floor!

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Twisted Metal III

Twisted Metal III Manual

Twisted Metal III is the first time that series creator Single Trac isn’t at the metaphorical wheel. 989 Studios’ most daunting task in their history.

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Rally Cross 2

PSX Rally Cross 2 Manual

Rally Cross 2 lands into the big pile of Sony 1st Party titles, continuing the never-ending home-team support of the PlayStation.

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Cool Boarders 3

Cool Boarders 3 Manual

Cool Boarders 3 is the next follow-up in Sony’s first-party snowboarding releases, bringing with it all new courses and snowboards.

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