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If you’re part of Game-Rave’s social media circles, you already know of the amazing impact you have on the site. So why not join in on the fun? From just hanging out in Discord to supporting the site directly or indirectly, you can be more than just an observer. Jason thanks you and appreciates you more than you’ll ever know!


Join the fun on’s Discord server. It’s not just PlayStation and variants! Chat about games, food, your own collecting adventures and more. Spill the tea to Jason on possible variant finds or even yell at him for a typo.

It’s 100% free, it’s relaxing, and there are a lot of cool people doing a lot of cool things.

Click the picture or click me! We don’t bite, honest.'s eBay Affiliate LinkEBAY Affiliate Link

It’s free and it costs you nothing extra on your auctions! Click the image or this link and then bookmark it. Use the link to make all your eBay purchases and gets a tiny commission in return.

Since adding the button to site, it’s helped with some of the smaller purchases, like domain renewal and a guidebook every so often.

Every auction counts!'s Ko-Fi LinkKo-Fi

No gimmicks, no sales pitches, no subscriptions unless you want one. Every contribution goes towards the site for monthly server costs, variant hunting funds, and more site-related hi-jinx.

I’ll be using the Ko-Fi site as a viewer-facing accounting of the adventures with fun goals and honest reports of where the money goes. Hint: It all goes to the site and Youtube channel. Just click the image or click this link to help fund the chaos.

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