Neo Geo CD Master List


SNK’s CD-Rom home console of their legendary arcade hardware. Originally released as a cheaper alternative to the AES home console, what you sacrificed in load times you gained in inexpensive software. Where the AES carts could cost anywhere from $300 to $700, the CDs were $50 on average. The American version of the library is almost entirely a collecting nightmare. Jason decided to go after the library from the Japanese side, which provides not only easier access and lower prices, but so long as you have an American unit, they play in English anyway.

3 Count Bout
ADK World
Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Alpha Mission 2
Art of Fighting
Art of Fighting 2
Art of Fighting 3
Baseball Stars Professional
Baseball Stars 2
Blue’s Journey
Burning Fight
Crossed Swords
Crossed Swords 2
Double Dragon
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 3
Fatal Fury Special
Football Frenzy
Futsal: Pleasure Goal
Galaxy Fight
Ghost Pilots
Idol Mahjong Final Rom. 2
Iron Clad
Kabuki Klash
Karnov’s Revenge
King of Fighters ’94, The
King of Fighters ’95, The
King of Fighters ’96, The
King of Fighters ’97, The
King of Fighters ’98, The
King of Fighters ’99, The
King of the Monsters 2
Last Blade
Last Blade 2
Last Resort
League Bowling
Magical Drop 2
Magician Lord
Mahjong Janshin Densetsu
Mahjong Kyoretsuden
Master of Syougi
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
Mutation Nation
Neo DriftOut
Neo Geo CD Special
Neo Turf Masters
Ninja Combat
Ninja Commando
Ninja Master’s
Oshidashi Zintrick
Power Spikes 2
Puzzle Bobble
Quiz King of Fighters
Real Bout: Fatal Fury
Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2
Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special
Riding Hero
Robo Army
Samurai Shodown
Samurai Shodown II
Samurai Shodown III
Samurai Shodown IV
Samurai Shodown RPG
Savage Reign
Sengoku 2
Soccer Brawl
Stakes Winner
Street Hoop
Super Sidekicks
Super Sidekicks 2
Super Sidekicks 3
Super Spy, The
Rally Chase
Top Hunter
Top Players Golf
Twinkle Star Sprites
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
World Heroes
World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 JET
World Heroes Perfect

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