July 26 New Releases: Ball Breakers and NCAA Football 2001

Welcome to the tail end of July already. Don’t you wish you could just stay home for months and play games without the need for anything? I couldn’t imagine it. Today’s releases are a Triple AAA college game from EA Sports and a budget title from Take Two Interactive.

First off, NCAA Football 2001 which includes exclusive Bowl games.

PSX PlayStation NCAA Football 2001 Retail Release

Jewel Case Release

The other game out today is Ball Breakers – another $9.99 game in Take Two Interactive’s budget title line-up. Don’t judge a book by its cover – this one may be a budget title, but it has a somewhat addictive gameplay to it.

PSX PlayStation Ball Breakers

Jewel Case Release

Talk about opposite ends! Next game it out on the 29th, and it’s an arcade game two-pack. What could go wrong?

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