April 19 New Releases: Expendable and more!

April’s been pretty sparse, and thankfully allowing us all to catch up on games. Today brings 3 new titles to the shelves, with an emphasis on racing. Our featured game of the day is Infogrames’ Expendable, a fast action, arcade-style shooter where you must traverse multiple stages saving hostages and taking down the aliens.

PSX Expendable

Jewel Case Release

Sony tosses their might back onto the track with Speed Punks. A mascot kart racer that does not hide the fact that the genre is all about whoever has the best power-up. A lot of track variety in this one.

PlayStation Speed Punks

Jewel Case Release

Last game is the one racing fans might interested in. Test Drive Le Mans brings the 24 hour racing contest to consoles, with a all the tire screeching you can stand.

PlayStation Test Drive Le Mans

Jewel Case Release

Tomorrow’s got one game coming from SNK. Woo!

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