January 25 New Releases: Armorines and Superbike

How is it January 25th already? This year is flying by. Today’s two releases are Armorines and Superbike 2000.

Superbike 2000 is another notch in the EA Sports dynasty and if I could just not hit every wall around every corner I might be able to review it. This isn’t a knock on the game – I just don’t do well with motorcycle games.

PlayStation Superbike 2000

Retail Release

Today’s other release is Armorines: Project Swarm. Acclaim’s take on the hulking-mass-of-muscle-in a-armor-suit genre. If neither of these fit your fancy, tomorrow is bringing the sequel to a little “yippie kai yay” if you know what I mean.

PlayStation Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.

Jewel Case Release

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