Nov. 10th New Releases: Cool Boarders 4, Rugrats, and Elmo

A small little cozy collection of three games come out today. Up to the plate first is Cool Boarders 4 from Sony. I don’t know how much life this series has left in it, as I can’t see extreme sports going any further, but we’ll see.

PlaySTation Cool Boarders 4

Jewel Case Release

Rugrats Studio Tour is the second game available, and it’s more mini-games for the youngsters. Or 40+ year-olds who need to review it…

PlayStation Rugrats Studio Tour

Jewel Case Release

…and finally…Sesame Street: Elmo’s Number Journey. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Man, that’s starting to be a lot of kids games,” you’re not wrong. The PlayStation is cheap enough where it’s now for everyone.

PlayStation Elmo's Number Journey

Jewel Case Release

See you tomorrow, my Staaaaaaaaaaaarssssssssssss…..

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