May 5, 99 New Releases: Jason’s Fanboy Mode Unleashed

Hello fellow gamer, may I take a moment of your time to talk about our lord and savior May 5th, 1999? This date was essentially Christmas for me and a nightmare for my wallet. Four fantastic games make their way to the retail shelves and it’s everything I could have ever hoped for.

First, let’s talk relationship goals. Mrs. Game-Rave is a Bomberman queen in this household, and no one has ever been able to take her crown. Now, I haven’t challenged her to Bomberman Fantasy Race, as I don’t feel like losing to her in another genre, but if you’re a fan of Mario Kart and need a good fix. This is a good place to start.

PSX Bomberman Fantasy Race

Jewel Case Release

Next up, a game that deserves more attention and a better job at being itself, Square’s fighting game Ehrgeiz. A fun, simple romp on it’s own with some of the coolest characters in the genre get hidden behind Square’s American marketing team and their regretful shoving of Cloud in everyone’s face.

PSX Ehrgeiz

Jewel Case Release

Next up is the dirty duo, the speed demon and it’s heir, Ridge Racer Type 4 with the Bonus Ridge Racer disc. While the newer version tackles Gran Turismo for heir apparent to your racing wheel, the Bonus Disc takes all the solo racing tracks from the original Ridge Racer and jacks them up to a blistering 60fps. A bunch of other goodies are also in there.

If you have the extra cash and curiosity, there’s also the JogCon pack, which includes a controller that acts like a steering wheel with tactile feedback.

PSX Ridge Racer Type 4

Double Jewel Case with Extra Disc

Lastly, the king of kings, the definition of elbow grease, the home PlayStation release of Street Fighter Alpha 3. There’s a reason I crowned it the greatest arcade port of all time. All the added characters, all the new modes, all the ways they crammed in animation frames is a site to behold.

PSX Street Fighter Alpha 3

Jewel Case Release – Fighters Edge Version

More goodness to come this May!

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