Oct 28 Releases: Downhill Breakers

Sports fans, today is your day! Especially if you attend the school of hard knocks.  Sony’s first party efforts continue to dominate the retail shelves with more good times for college football fans and snowboarders alike. First down belongs to NCAA Game Breaker 99,  The usual yearly updates continue as we march downfield to the eventual releases of sports games 00!

NCAA Game Breaker 99 Release

Jewel Case Release

If you prefer your scoring drives at a 45° angle, Cool Boarders 3 has your back. I don’t know how well the snowboarding fad will fare in the 2000s, for for the 90s folks, it’s definitely hear to stay.

Cool Boarders 3 Release

Jewel Case Release

Don’t let your wallet get too comfy…4 more games come out tomorrow!


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