Oct. 6 New Releases: Dragon Scars

Time to catch your breath fellow gamers, after our two game day today, it’ll be one-game-per-day releases until the 21st when all hell breaks loose into the ultra Christmas release rush. Today’s two releases come from opposite ends of the spectrum, but both contain interesting concepts. The first one is S.C.A.R.S, a racing game in simple form, but with a storyline that’s a bit intriguing. It’s a bunch of supercomputers racing animal based cars against each other. I kid you not.

SCARS Release

Jewel Case Release

The other release is from unusually-quiet-these-3-years Jaleco with Dragon Seeds. You genetically engineer dragons to fight, but you do it by accessing various save data on your Memory Card. Meaning that Save of Jumping Flash 1 you were about to delete may just give you something truly magical…or not. I’m going to have to research the snot out of this one eventually.

Dragon Seeds Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release

See you tomorrow…

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