Oct. 1 New Releases: Fifth Element, Wild 9 and more!

Well hey there true believers! Are your wallets ready? There are twenty one games coming out in October alone, some days having up to 4 releases each. Today being one of those days. Let’s get right into it.

If you’ve been waiting for a game like the classic Side Pocket, Pool Hustler might be up your dark and deserted alley. Rather than a glamorous take on the game, Pool Hustler sends you into the seedy side of the sport, where betting on games and challenging underground champions is the name of the game. Just don’t get stuck behind the 9 ball.

Pool Hustler Release

Jewel Case Release

If action is more your thing, Shiny Entertainment unleashes the Rig weapon in Wild 9. An action platformer with an emphasis on torture and killing, it’s a far cry from Earthworm Jim. This one looks to be a cult classic in the making

Wild 9 Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release

If you prefer your 9 to be the 9-Pin, then Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling is your end-all, be-all game. A fantastic realistic approach from the devs behind Ten Pin Alley, Brunswick is one of the most dedicated, properly created entires in the genre with brilliant pin physics.

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling Release

Jewel Case Release

Now, if none of those 9’s entice you, well then it’s time for the Multi-Pass. The newest movie-to-video game adaptation is The Fifth Element, running off of Kalisto’s Nightmare Creatures engine. With how fun the movie was, I’m hoping this translates well.

Fifth Element Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release

*Phew* – we have 5 days till the next assault of games. Get your memory cards and credit cards ready!

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