Site News 8 / 8 / 2018

“Let’s News!”

Welcome back to another session of site news and updates. Let’s get right to it.


If you’re behind on GRTV and Pause Mode, you can start on our newest episode and work your way backwards. In this newest installment, we let our Patreon folk do the talking. Just hit the play button below and relax.

Site progress has been going well, but at a speed I wasn’t planning on – meaning rather than a few games a day, I’ve been adding in a LOT of games in one day, and then taking care of real life things in-between. Same speed more or less, but not the pacing I was expecting. As mentioned in GRTV, I’m almost through the B re-adds alphabetically, so nothing to worry about.

New pages are now back into the updates feed, so I’m literally taking two steps forward while re-adding the three back steps.

Speaking of Patreon, I let them in on the progress of the eventual new front end / theme for the site. Here are the final obstacles for the transfer to happen:

  • Changing out 150+ ‘Featured Images’ to their manual / jewel case artwork instead of the ‘slider’ image currently used on pages already added. Going forward, all new pages will automatically have the manual as their featured image. You can see this happening here on the current site theme. This needs to be completed before the shift for the new front page sections to visually flow correctly.
  • Re-building / scratch building the Tabs function to allow the Gamepress-R theme’s tabbed content to automatically work. This function is tied to GamePress-R, and won’t work once changed over. Right now I am trying to learn how to code to do it myself. It’s terrifying, but I’m hoping to just move the existing code over and have everything be cool. I have an off-site install of to mess with, so unintentionally breaking the site won’t happen…again. Hopefully.
  • The new site concept will look a little bit different than the current one. If I stick with the current ‘new’ theme, the site will have a more darker overall black & gray tone to it, with most of the blue removed. There are some nice little visual touches it allows though, which is why I’m running with it.
  • Thanks to hitting the milestone on Patreon, a SUPER PROJECT has officially begun, but that’s the last you’ll hear of it for a while. The 5 Second Video took almost a year; this one should be about that same time frame.  What will make it amazing is it’s being done as a research tool for myself, but it will have a viewer side applications as well.

And that’s all I have. Hoping to do some crazy amount of updates over the weekend, but now that I jinxed it, we’ll see.



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