Dec. 28 New Release – Shooter: Starfighter Sanvein

The final game of the year is Shooter: Starfighter Sanvein from Agetec and their A1 Games line-up. A wonderful final game for the year, it’s an addictive time-based arcade shooter where you must make strategic level choices or sacrifice weapon strength. Absolutely fantastic game, you can check out the review here under the review tab.

PSX PlayStation Shooter Starfighter Sanvein Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack #2

Jewel Case Release – 3 Pack Version with Corrected Icons and ESRB.

That’s it for the year 2000. Enjoy the new year and I’ll see you on January 2nd!

This article is part of the Living History Project Celebration, which is living the PlayStation’s library release schedule in real time. Started during the 20th Anniversary on 9-9-2015, the project will last all the way till 2024! Follow us on Twitter for all the updates and additions!

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