Sep. 26 New Releases: Disney / Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command & More

So…many…games…coming out! Today’s haul came from Funcoland and the local Microplay store, so let’s get right to them.

First out of the Funcoland bag is Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, a take on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but with only two wheels and pedals. It’s surprisingly easy to pick-up and play, even for non-sports peeps like me.

PSX PlayStation Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Jewel Case Release

The other game snagged is Destruction Derby Raw, Midway’s follow-up to the legendary series on the system. This time you can race on rooftops!

PSX PlayStation Destruction Derby Raw

Jewel Case Release

From the Microplay haul is cover story Disney / Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command from Activision. It’s based off the cartoon show of the same name and allows you to travel to Planet Z!

PSX PlayStation Disney / Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Jewel Case Release

Finally for fans of the spandex is Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. Control the Power Rangers and save the city!

PSX PlayStation Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Jewel Case Release

5 more games coming out this month, including the much anticipated Dino Crisis 2 – Stay tuned!


This article is part of the Living History Project Celebration, which is living the PlayStation’s library release schedule in real time. Started during the 20th Anniversary on 9-9-2015, the project will last all the way till 2024! Follow us on Twitter for all the updates and additions!

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