Sep. 25 New Releases: Disney’s The Little Mermaid II & Vampire Hunter D

Another two games out for the day, this time picked up from the local EB Games. If you’re into animation or anime, today is a good day for you. Our lead off is Jaleco’s release of Vampire Hunter D – based on the Japanese animation of the same name. You’re the lead character hunting down the last of the vampires who have controlled humanity for decades.

PSX PlayStation Vampire Hunter D

Jewel Case Release

Ont he much lighter and brighter side, Disney’s The Little Mermaid II plays off the movie allowing players to control Ariel and Melody as they save the Prince and Atlantica from Ursula and a cast of minions.

PSX PlayStation Disney's The Little Mermaid II

Jewel Case Release

4 More games tomorrow!

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